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General terms of use of the website and services offered.

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Description of the provided services

The objective of the website https://taxi-tele.fr is to provide the information on all business activities of the company.

Taxi Télé makes sure that all the information provided on the website https://taxi-tele.fr is as detailed as possible. The company cannot be held responsible for any omission or lack of details in the updates.

That concerns the updates based on the information provided by the company or its business partners. All information provided on this website is for consultation purposes only and may be subject to modification. In the same way, the information available on this website is not exhaustive. It is subject to modification and reflect the data of the last update.

Intellectual property and counterfeit.

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All unauthorised copy of this website or any of its elements will be considered as counterfeit in compliance with the article L.335-2 and its subsections of the Code de Propriété Intellectuelle.

Limits of the responsibility

Taxi Télé may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user’s hardware resulting from the use of the website https://taxi-tele.fr when the hardware used does not comply with the requirements set in the section 4 of this agreement, including any bugs or incompatibility.

Taxi Télé may also not be held responsible for any indirect damage (e.g., loss of opportunity) resulting from the use of the website https://taxi-tele.fr.

This website offers its users the possibility to ask any questions through interactive tools such as the Contacts section. Taxi Télé retains the right to delete without any prior notice any content published on in this section in case it violates the French legislation, especially when it relates to the data protection. If there is a violation of the French legislation, Taxi Télé may also invoke civil or criminal responsibility of the user, more particularly when the published messages contain elements of racism, pornography, defamation or is abusive regardless of its form (text, picture, etc.).