Professional Services

Many companies of all sizes, regional or national, trust us for the business trips of their customers or employees.

Taxi Télé Bordeaux can study with you any solution of transport by cab for your professional activity.

Priority cabs calls from Bordeaux and its region.
Privileged welcome to the train station or the airport, your cab is waiting for you.
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• Introduction of taxi-shuttles, 
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Simplified bookings of your taxis

Taxi Télé deploys its cab reservation systems. It is the only taxi bordeaux network and Gironde to offer its partner customers two new simplified, connected and immediate cab booking modes.



This system is available free of charge in hotels, restaurants or businesses that frequently order cab on a daily basis.

A single press on the button of the device is enough to order in real time one Cab of Taxi télé.

This innovation frees receptionists or people in charge of the reception, the time spent on the phone, on hold or in communication.

To benefit from this product contact our development department


Taxi bordeaux for hotels, restaurants or businesses in 3 clicks

This link, to be opened on the desktop of a computer, is installed free of charge in hotels, restaurants or partner companies.

The booking of the Taxi Télé car is done in 2/3 clicks. Name of the person transported, possibly n ° room and destination by choice.

A pictogram of the reserved taxi appears on a map on the screen and can estimate its arrival time.

If the e-mail address of the person transported is not indicated, the confirmation e-mail is sent directly to the hotel, restaurant or company.

To benefit from this product contact our development department.

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