Be proactive about the delays of your journeys

In particular to the train station Saint-jean in Bordeaux and the airport of Bordeaux-Mérignac.
At certain times of the day the time required to reach these two destinations can be significantly longer.
Taxi Télé Bordeaux operators will advise you when booking your taxi bordeaux.

Vehicles adapted to the special needs

Do not forget to specify when you book your possible special needs
(person with reduced mobility, 7 seater vehicle, low car, station wagon, large luggage).
We will do our best to assign you a cab corresponding to your requests.

Tracking Device

Only taxi bordeaux in Gironde equipped with this device, Taxi TV drivers can, with a click on their onboard terminal,
notify you by SMS their arrival at the place or a possible delay, estimated in minutes.

In case of delay

If your cab is not at the rendezvous beyond 10 minutes, and without it having informed you of the delay,
contact the central Taxi Télé at 05 56 96 00 34,
the operator will inform you, of the delay to be envisaged
for his arrival.

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